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FreeAudioPlayer Compilation Volume 1

Includes the Jon Solo/Kim Novak Collaboration "Beautiful Brown Eyes."

Every sale supports the National Childhood Cancer Foundation.

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Kim and Friends' Songs

Where's Lumpy?

You wanna know what you miss when you take off to the restroom? Spontaneous jams! This is the first song I recorded with my Dean Rhapsody fretless bass. Milo was playing with his brand new Gibson Les Paul, and jeez was playing with his new Pod amp modeller. Rock!

Credits and Recognition

Grumpy, Jumpy and Frumpy
Performed by Grumpy, Jumpy and Frumpy
Written by Grumpy
Milo Black - music and guitar
Duane Tate - speaking
James Albert - lead guitar
Kim Novak - bass
  • #1 Instrumental Rock at

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