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Kim and Friends' Songs

The Most of Love

Dennyvan wrote this sweet song about lookin' for love and how it takes a lot of courage. Don't I know it! Thanks to Denny for asking me to sing it!

Credits and Recognition

Dennyvan and Kim Novak
Performed by Dennyvan and Kim Novak
Written by Dennyvan
Produced by Adam Kittle
Dennyvan - music
Kim Novak - vocals

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Lyrics for The Most of Love 

When I was a young girl - just sweet-sixteen
I thought love was easy, or so it did seem
just find a good guy - the man of my dreams
then love would entail, overcoming all things.

Loves a challenge till you find it...
and Love takes courage when you try it...
When your courage overcomes it all...
that's when you make the most of love...
that's when you make the most of love...

Well I grew up fast way before my years
looking for love and found nothing but tears
I found Prince Charming, right on cue
he turned around and he made me a fool
yeah he married me and he took them vows
to make me happy but he didn't know how
he sent me to work so he could play
with the local ladies, day after day

Well I left that man and I ran and ran
couldn't take no more and I had no plan
the challenge was to find me a working man
to keep me happy as best that he can
Well I found that man, he'd been married before
but we both knew what we were looking for
we grew old together, had a family
and the courage it took was a surprise to me

that's when you make the most of love...

love's a challenge and love takes courage
when your courage overcomes both of those
that's when you make the most of love

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