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Kim and Friends' Songs

Tax Lady Blues

My friend Smilestir wanted to write a song about the blues all those people feel when she does their taxes. Smilestir's an accountant. Rose and Blows are accountants, too. So we joined forces... Smilestir on lyrics and talkin', Duane on the music, and Kim on the singin'. It debuted in the #1 spot on the 1Sound Blues chart, and Firstboss gave it the coveted This doesn't hurt my ears award!

Credits and Recognition

Rose and Blows and Smilestir
Performed by Rose and Blows and Smilestir
Music by Duane Tate
Lyrics by Smilestir
Duane Tate - guitars and programming
Smilestir - talkin'
Kim Novak - singin'

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Lyrics for Tax Lady Blues 

Work hard every day
6 days a week
I'm barely gettin' by
my future looks bleak.
Business was good,
the debt was reduced
I still got no money
Uncle Sam don't give a hoot.

I got the blues,
tax lady blues
She says I owe, to work I go
the tax lady blues.

Gotta see my tax lady
April 15th is near
bring a shoebox full of receipts
She'll make my money disappear
She works the numbers over
then gives me a call
My tax lady says, "Don't spend that money.
You owe it all!"

I got the blues,
tax lady blues.
She says I owe, to work I go
the tax lady blues.

What do you mean I owe?
I have no money in the bank.
I have a profit?
How can that be?
I thought I'd get a refund this year!

By April 15th
that dreaded day of the year
I'll need me a shrink
that's one thing that's clear
I sold all my stock
to pay the tax bill
Unlucky me,
they were down from corporate ill

I got the blues,
tax lady blues
the taxpayin, calculatin, pocketpickin
tax lady blues.

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