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Kim and Friends' Songs

Space Needle 2.0

This is the first song that Milo and I did together. At first he took my vocal from the original "Space Needle" and added music, but I decided to record a new vocal. There's one line left from the original vocal, though... "Had to walk another mile." After all the Raspberry Silk songs we recorded, this one is still some peoples' favorite.

Credits and Recognition

Raspberry Silk
Performed by Raspberry Silk
Written by Kim Novak
Milo Black - music and production
Kim Novak - vocals
  • #1 Psychedelic @

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Lyrics for Space Needle 2.0 

It was a dog's eye view
Second row, and wondering where he'd gone to
I still remember a wallflower saying
Something 'bout a god and lonely girls

And I sat in the Seattle sun
Watched the boats roll into harbor
There were no more reservations
With the needle covered over in the deep Sound waters

I rode the train to the fairground
Had to walk another mile
I took the pictures of a lifetime
On a promise and a prayer

Yesterday I walked to Red Square
From the Neptune through the district
And I found my independence
When I talked to a lady who was wiser than her years

I said, "Love is nothing for you to decide
Love is natural
If you've gotta think about it for a while
Your heart is cynical"

I'm dreaming of Seattle
I can hear the boats upon the Sound
In the center of the city, they found
An empty red metal heart

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