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Kim and Friends' Songs

Right Again

The most important part of this song for me is the bridge. Our herione starts off asking God to make things right again. But immediately, she realizes it's up to her. She says, "I gotta make it right again." This song is being considered for inclusion in the student film Heaven.

Credits and Recognition

Kim Novak
Performed by Kim Novak
Written by Kim Novak Kim Novak - guitar and vocals

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Lyrics for Right Again 

She can't see life without him
'cos his poems made her whole
The poetry has gone stale now
And his feelings have gone cold

And she copes with his indifference
'cos she thinks he'll come around
But he's taken her for granted
And the rain is coming down

And oh the price I'd pay
To have it all okay
God I need it to be right again
Please make it right again
How I need it to be right again
I gotta make it right again

She always cries when it's rainin'
And there's a storm cloud in the sky
She doesn't want him to notice
So she covers it with a smile

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