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Kim and Friends' Songs

I Wished I Liked

I don't like a lot of things most people like. That's okay, but sometimes it makes me feel like an outsider. Sometimes I think if I liked to do things most people do, I wouldn't be an old maid who can't even do the cat lady thing right. C'est la vie.

Credits and Recognition

Kim Novak
Performed by Kim Novak
Music and lyrics by Kim Novak. All instruments and vocals by Kim Novak

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Lyrics for I Wished I Liked 

I wished I liked beer
I wished I liked wine
I do like a margarita on the rocks with salt from time to time
I wished I liked to stay up late, have a party, go to sleep at dawn
I wished I liked doing all the things that some folks think are wrong

I wished I liked skirts
I wished I liked shoes
I do like to wear a low v-neck sweater to show off my boobs
I wished I liked blush, mascara and lipstick on my face
I wished I liked the girly stuff. I wished I liked the chase

[instrumental break]

I wished I liked to flirt
I'm hardly ever in the mood
Sometimes I wish I liked to do all the things I'm not supposed to do
'cause if you listen to The Boss what he said to his mama seems like it's true
He said, "Mama... that's where the fun is." [chopsticks]

I wished I liked to talk
I wished I liked to chat
I wished I liked to hang out with people, drink alcohol and chew the fat
I'm really not sure if you can see my point of view
But I wished I liked a lot of things and I was more like you
I wished I liked a lot of things and I was more like you

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