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Kim and Friends' Songs

Gotama Buddha

I'm not familiar with the history of Buddhism, so when I was learning the bassline to this song, I didn't know it was "Gotama Buddha." For some reason, I kept singing along... "God Tumble Buddha." I knew that was silly, but that's what it sounded like to me. I love the vibe of this song. It always makes me smile.

Credits and Recognition

Voices in the Wilderness
Performed by Voices in the Wilderness
Written by Duane Tate
Duane Tate - guitars, programming and vocals
Kim Novak - bass

Interactive Stuff

Lyrics for Gotama Buddha 

When everybody was reachin
For someone else to teach them
To bring them inspiration
From some elusive throne
A smiling politician
With food for all their wishin
You just kept on your mission
All alone

Gotama Buddha
You look so peaceful on my shelf
Noone can save me
I guess I'll have to save myself

I looked for answers from preachers
Went to the finest teachers
But in the morning when it's over
It's always the same
But you found peace without measure
And that's the greatest treasure
When you stop worrying bout pleasure
You don't feel no pain

Your friends all had to have reasons
To face the changin seasons
And when you learned how to please them
They were nice to you
But noone ever stood beside you
Or ever even tried to
Except the Buddha deep inside you
Cause he wanted to

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