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Kim and Friends' Songs
Rose and Blows


Shadow of a Girl 

Rose and Blows

I wrote this for the indie film Two Days by Paige Carl Griggs. I read the script and put myself in the place of May, the female lead. Duane helped me by adding slide guitar and harmonica. I hope you like it. You can also hear it in the Two Days trailer.

Sweet Betsy from Pike 

Rose and Blows

My friend Terry says this sounds like a drinkin' song. So get a beer (if you're so inclined) and sing along!

Tax Lady Blues 

Rose and Blows

My friend Smilestir wanted to write a song about the blues all those people feel when she does their taxes. Smilestir's an accountant. Rose and Blows are accountants, too. So we joined forces... Smilestir on lyrics and talkin', Duane on the music, and Kim on the singin'. It debuted in the #1 spot on the 1Sound Blues chart, and Firstboss gave it the coveted This doesn't hurt my ears award!

Run To The Banker 

Rose and Blows

My friend Banker (who happens to be a banker) was begging me for over a year to record a blues song. So I thought it appropriate to make the first one I did a song about a banker. I'm happy to say that Banker was pleased with the song.

Peaceful Easy Feeling 

Rose and Blows

This is an acoustic cover of The Eagle's song. It was fun to let loose on those high harmonies!

Amazing Grace 

Rose and Blows

This classic hymn was recorded especially for the Strange Sandwich Ducks Unlimited CD. It reached #1 on the World/Folk Covers Songs chart at

What Child Is This? 

Rose and Blows

First published in 1652, the original version (called "Greensleeves") was a popular drinking song. In 1865, William Chatterton Dix wrote "The Manger Throne." Three of his verses of became part of the current day "What Child Is This?"

O Holy Night 

Rose and Blows

Back in the 1800s, church authorities denounced this song for its lack of musical taste and "total absence of the spirit of religion." I say, "Whatever dudes!" I think it's beautiful and fits the season well.

Whatever You Want To Do 

Rose and Blows

This song used to receive a lot of airplay on Shaky Tee's "Divas and Dames" show at It's one of the early recordings from Rose and Blows. It's funny... it seems the earliest recordings are the fan favorites.

Our Love Don't Get It (Black Remix) 

Milo Black and Rose and Blows

Milo created this remix of Rose and Blows' song and made it into a trip hop beauty. Thanks to Milo for taking it to a new dimension.

Our Love Don't Get It 

Rose and Blows

This one is a favorite among Rose and Blows fans. This is the first duet we released publicly. It spent some time at #1 on the Folk Rock charts.


Rose and Blows

I provided the backing vocals to this one.

Long Road Home 

Rose and Blows

This is a sad song.

Dance The Night Away 

Rose and Blows

A song about love that didn't work. I like the line, "Maybe we'd have made it before, if we had danced a little more."


Rose and Blows

A song about following your heart. Even if it seems to turn everything you know upside down. If it feels right, it's right... no matter how crazy it is.


Rose and Blows

I wrote this one quite a few years before I recorded it. I really didn't think it was much of a song. After I recorded it, it's become one of my favorites.

A Little Bit 2.0 

Rose and Blows

An acoustic duet remake of a song I wrote.

Black is the Color 

Rose and Blows

Slow at the start and fast at the end. I love the mandolin in this one. It hit #1 World Traditional at 1Sound.