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Includes the Jon Solo/Kim Novak Collaboration "Beautiful Brown Eyes."

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Kim and Friends' Songs
Raspberry Silk


Wish For Tomorrow 2.0 

Raspberry Silk

I don't usually "hear" in my head how a song arrangement can be different. But I could hear "Wish For Tomorrow" rocked up in a big way. So I asked Milo if we could do it as a Raspberry Silk song. I tell ya... Milo made it RAWK!


Raspberry Silk

We did this song for Raspberry Silk to do for the Strange Sandwich "Under The Covers" compilation CD. Milo made Andrew Thomas' "Regret" into a slow song. Makes for a different style of song from the original.

Brown Eyes (Milo Black) 

Milo Black

Milo took my little acoustic song and turned it into a grand lush rock instrumental as only he can do. He recorded this one especially for the Strange Sandwich Music Under The Covers CD. It was the first remake of Brown Eyes.

A Different Kind of Love 

Raspberry Silk

This sweet adult contemporary pop song is not a 'hearts and flowers' love song. It's a love song for a friend who you haven't treated very well, but who stuck by you all the same.

Space Needle 2.0 

Raspberry Silk

This is the first song that Milo and I did together. At first he took my vocal from the original "Space Needle" and added music, but I decided to record a new vocal. There's one line left from the original vocal, though... "Had to walk another mile." After all the Raspberry Silk songs we recorded, this one is still some peoples' favorite.


Raspberry Silk

A song of powerlessness, resignation and acceptance - but not hopelessness.

You Rescue Me 2.0 

Raspberry Silk

There was a period of time that I wasn't able to record anything. We didn't want the Raspberry Silk project to get stagnant, so Milo suggested that I send him my vocal and guitar tracks for "You Rescue Me." He made a beautiful version like only he can do.

Under The Waterfall 

Raspberry Silk

Originally recorded for Milo's Ringworld project, it ended up on the Raspberry Silk Inner Voices CD. Based on Teela Brown, a character from Larry Niven's Ringworld novel. It spent some time at #1 on the Progressive Rock chart.

Oil on Water 

Raspberry Silk

People have different masks that they wear for friends, for parents, for co-workers. It might be intentional, or it might be a function of reacting to the other person's personality. This song is about the more sinister side of wearing masks. As the lyric says, "you see what I let you see."

Never Be The One 

Raspberry Silk

Milo says "Kim's song "A Place For Me" (lyric by Jeremiah Gilbert) explores the gentle and resigned hopelessness of unrequited love, and listening to that song got me thinking - dig a little, and you'll find anger and frustration down in there somewhere too. In this case, our heroine knows that she's looking at the end of her secret dream, and behind her brave face is the resentment which she knows is wrong, and can never express, but still can't help feeling."

Drowning (Aquamarine) 

Aquamarine and Raspberry Silk

When we released the Raspberry Silk version of "Drowning", a listener commented that he would love to hear a harder electronic version. Andrew volunteered to do a remix. What a cool track he did, too. Reminiscent of Stabbing Westward.


Raspberry Silk

Drowning has gotten the best reception of all the Raspberry Silk songs. A deeply emotional song about loss. It's Pink Floyd meets the London Philharmonic meets Grace Slick and Joan Baez.


Raspberry Silk

Breathe is the first and only song that Milo and I truly wrote together. It's a sultry song that Milo says, "came out of the feeling of love occupying all five of the physical senses, and the feeling that, no matter how close you are to the one you love, it never feels close enough. If you've ever really been completely head-over-heels, you'll understand the feelings in this song. ...this is a very sexy song, in a "rustle of silk" kind of way."