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Kim and Friends' Songs
Love Songs



Kim Novak

My friend Jerell gave me a guitar chord as a present when I was feeling mistreated and stressed at work. He said it's a peaceful guitar chord and suggested I sit and play it to relieve stress. It's the first chord in "Orbit" after the spooky space noises. Thank you, Jerell. The space theme is just because I love the planets and stars.

When I Awake 

Kim Novak

I was thinking two things about dreams when I wrote this. One was what it would be like if you could pick what you dreamed. What would you dream? I'm not sure I'd know what to pick. And then I thought about those wonderful dreams where you wake up the next morning feeling disappointed that it was only a dream. Like when I dreamed I got a new bicycle as a kid and woke up knowing I didn't have a new bicycle. Would you set yourself up for that disappointment if you could choose your dreams? And then I turned it into a love song because the music begged for a love song.

11:11 (Wishing on the Clock) 

Kim Novak

A song I wrote for a friend. When you see 11:11 on the clock, be sure to make a wish. It can't hurt.

The Most of Love 

Dennyvan and Kim Novak

Dennyvan wrote this sweet song about lookin' for love and how it takes a lot of courage. Don't I know it! Thanks to Denny for asking me to sing it!

I've Loved You All My Life 

Jon Solo and Kim Novak

This song was recorded for Robby James Rabuck and his fiance, Karen, for their wedding in July, 2004.

Almost Right (AK Kinda Unplugged Mix) 

Boogaboo and Adam Kittle

The second version of "Almost Right" as produced by Adam Kittle in a sweet acoustic style. Thanks to Adam for working on this!! Yay!

Almost Right (RJR Rock Mix) 

Boogaboo and Robby James Rabuck

I listened to Boogaboo's "Almost Right" and fell in love with the song. So I recorded rhythm guitar, a little plucky guitar, bass and vocal. Boogaboo recorded some more rhythm and lead guitars. Then Robby James Rabuck added some more guitars and mixed it all together. Yay!

Brown Eyes (Business As Usual Cover) 

Business As Usual

Paul did two versions of Brown Eyes. On this one, he re-recorded the vocal himself. What a rush to hear someone else singing my lyrics!

Brown Eyes (Business As Usual Remix) 

Business As Usual

Paul did two versions of Brown Eyes. For this one, he took my vocal and put some dance music all around it. Fun!

Brown Eyes (Polyaxis) 


Stevie Wood took my Brown Eyes vocal and added 12-string, electric guitar and cello. It's reminiscent of Lynyrd Skynyrd meets Journey meets Smashing Pumpkins. Love that guitar!

Brown Eyes (Jon Solo) 

Jon Solo and Kim Novak

Jon Solo took this song to the new level. He brought emotion out of it that I didn't even know was there. The strings are reminiscent of an Elton John classic, and the classical guitar bridge he added has such texture! This version has been a favorite on Ampcast Radio.

Brown Eyes (Jodiego) 


Jodiego, aka Dark Blue Man, did this soft dance version of Brown Eyes. This one makes me want to get up and dance around in circles with my eyes closed and a big smile on my face. Wanna join me?

Brown Eyes (Milo Black) 

Milo Black

Milo took my little acoustic song and turned it into a grand lush rock instrumental as only he can do. He recorded this one especially for the Strange Sandwich Music Under The Covers CD. It was the first remake of Brown Eyes.

A Different Kind of Love 

Raspberry Silk

This sweet adult contemporary pop song is not a 'hearts and flowers' love song. It's a love song for a friend who you haven't treated very well, but who stuck by you all the same.

You Rescue Me 2.0 

Raspberry Silk

There was a period of time that I wasn't able to record anything. We didn't want the Raspberry Silk project to get stagnant, so Milo suggested that I send him my vocal and guitar tracks for "You Rescue Me." He made a beautiful version like only he can do.

You Rescue Me 

Kim Novak

I wrote this for a friend of mine. A friend who always seemed to send me an email out of the blue exactly when I needed it. A friend who kept me sane when I was so lonely and didn't want to admit it. This is my thank you.

Long Road Home 

Rose and Blows

This is a sad song.

I Knew 

Kim Novak

I found the lyrics for the chorus to this song in my abandoned lyrics file. They made me think about that moment that you realize you're in love.

Do It For You 

Kim Novak

This song is about one of those relationships where you offer to help someone through something, but they are resisting. So you decide to stop pushing and just tell them... "I'll do it for you, but you gotta ask me to."


Rose and Blows

I wrote this one quite a few years before I recorded it. I really didn't think it was much of a song. After I recorded it, it's become one of my favorites.

Brown Eyes 

Kim Novak

I wrote this song when I was in high school. It was "Beautiful Blue Eyes" back then, but I decided to change it to "Beautiful Brown Eyes" when I recorded it. Many think it's a song about unrequited love, but it's not. It's about a love that can't happen yet. But it will.


Raspberry Silk

Breathe is the first and only song that Milo and I truly wrote together. It's a sultry song that Milo says, "came out of the feeling of love occupying all five of the physical senses, and the feeling that, no matter how close you are to the one you love, it never feels close enough. If you've ever really been completely head-over-heels, you'll understand the feelings in this song. ...this is a very sexy song, in a "rustle of silk" kind of way."

A Place For Me 

Kim Novak and Milo Black

This is a writing collaboration between Jeremiah Gilbert and me. He sent me some lyrics, and I wrote the music to go with them. A story of unrequited love. Milo Black helped out by providing bass and lead guitar.