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Kim and Friends' Songs
Kim Novak



Kim Novak

My friend Jerell gave me a guitar chord as a present when I was feeling mistreated and stressed at work. He said it's a peaceful guitar chord and suggested I sit and play it to relieve stress. It's the first chord in "Orbit" after the spooky space noises. Thank you, Jerell. The space theme is just because I love the planets and stars.

When I Awake 

Kim Novak

I was thinking two things about dreams when I wrote this. One was what it would be like if you could pick what you dreamed. What would you dream? I'm not sure I'd know what to pick. And then I thought about those wonderful dreams where you wake up the next morning feeling disappointed that it was only a dream. Like when I dreamed I got a new bicycle as a kid and woke up knowing I didn't have a new bicycle. Would you set yourself up for that disappointment if you could choose your dreams? And then I turned it into a love song because the music begged for a love song.

Q-Tips, Tissues and Tampons 

Kim Novak

I had a promise ring once, but the promise was a lie. Here's where I tell you what I did with that ring.


Kim Novak

An homage to my college days centered around a pizza joint in San Marcos, TX. I wrote it after I visited for the first time in years and agitated many dormant memories.

Sandman Stories 

Kim Novak

This was inspired by Jane Jensen, although it didn't turn out anything like what I was inspired to create. For lyrics, I just relayed some of the weird dreams I've had.

The Things I Have Left 

Kim Novak

Inspired by my Dad. I've been wanting to write a song for him for nine years. I guess it needed to marinate.

I Just Ate A Carrot 

Kim Novak

Brian says wise things and funny things. Some of them needed to be put to music. Samples recorded at a happy hour with my Brian and Kevin where Brian derived great pleasure from the fried wontons.

Red House 

Kim Novak

I had the guitar part for this song mostly written when I learned that one of my best friends had recently broken up with his boyfriend. I kept thinking of them at a bar called Red House and the imagery became the lyrics.

Manual Hold Condition 

Kim Novak

Inspired by an e-mail we received at work. No one I know knows what it means.

Nine Things That Are Not Other Things 

Kim Novak

Somewhat inspired by Lunches with Brian. I want salt at Asian restaurants, and my friend Brian suggests soy sauce. Soy sauce is not salt. That was the beginning.

Sugar and the Supersweet Trio (A folk opera in five acts) 

Kim Novak

This song was inspired by my former supervisor, Gary, who thought the emphasized syllable in aspartame was the second one. That made it sound like a superhero name instead of a sweet chemical. So I made four sweeteners into people and sang about them. I invite other songwriters to listen and finish the story. I lost steam at the end.


Kim Novak

This song came to me the first day of National Solo Album Month when I was supposed to be writing and recording music, but all I wanted to do was nap (like most Saturdays). Watch for a behind the scenes video to be released sometime during this millenium.

The Lake and the Leaning Tree 

Kim Novak

Inspired by a trip to Spring Lake Park in Texarkana, TX. Based on true stories. Except for the evil scientist part.


Kim Novak

This is a tribute to the movie Fandango that I wrote during National Solo Album Month.The song started as a guitar riff, and as I was listening to that and trying to find lyrical inspiration, the words "the look on his face" came to mind. That made me think of the look on Kevin Costner's face at the end of Fandango, and that's when I decided to do a tribute song. I actually ordered the DVD with overnight shipping so I could get the details right.

11:11 (Wishing on the Clock) 

Kim Novak

A song I wrote for a friend. When you see 11:11 on the clock, be sure to make a wish. It can't hurt.

Tell Him No 

Kim Novak

He doesn't want to hear it, but for your own sake, tell him no. You matter.

Madam Mam's Thai Cuisine 

Kim Novak

Dedicated to my favortie restaurant, Madam Mam's Thai Cuisine on Westgate Blvd. in Austin, TX.

When Anaiya Smiles 

Kim Novak

The chorus is for the Aes Sedai whose only beauty most considered to be her smile. The verses are for me.

I Don't Wanna Be 

Kim Novak

A little cliché maybe, but it's from the heart.

Blind Ignorance 

Kim Novak

I'm not really going to be queen of the world, but, boy if I were.

The Housewife's Lament 

Kim Novak

We were allowed one cover song on our National Solo Album Month album. I found this one through Roger McGuinn's folk song blog. I had a whole lot of fun recording it.

Lunch With Brian 

Kim Novak

My friend Brian and I have had quite a few lunch adventures. These are only a few.

Dear, Dear Adam 

Kim Novak

An ode to Adam Duritz and all the women he writes songs about.

Brown Eyes (Polyaxis) 


Stevie Wood took my Brown Eyes vocal and added 12-string, electric guitar and cello. It's reminiscent of Lynyrd Skynyrd meets Journey meets Smashing Pumpkins. Love that guitar!

Brown Eyes (Jodiego) 


Jodiego, aka Dark Blue Man, did this soft dance version of Brown Eyes. This one makes me want to get up and dance around in circles with my eyes closed and a big smile on my face. Wanna join me?

You Rescue Me 

Kim Novak

I wrote this for a friend of mine. A friend who always seemed to send me an email out of the blue exactly when I needed it. A friend who kept me sane when I was so lonely and didn't want to admit it. This is my thank you.

Wish For Tomorrow 

Kim Novak

The soon to be famous Jeremiah Gilbert co-wrote this song with me. He posted the lyrics on a bulletin board and asked for takers. I had some music that didn't have lyrics yet, and Jeremiah's fit perfectly.

Space Needle 

Kim Novak

I took a trip to the Pacific Northwest in 1996. I spent three days puttering around Seattle and Vancouver by myself. It was incredible. There were no compromises. I don't mean that in an Extreme Sports kind of way--but in a "I'm in charge of my life and don't have to do what anyone else wants to do" kind of way. I had just experienced an emotional few weeks and the trip helped me work through some things. There's a slide show with some pictures from my trip here.

Right Again 

Kim Novak

The most important part of this song for me is the bridge. Our herione starts off asking God to make things right again. But immediately, she realizes it's up to her. She says, "I gotta make it right again." This song is being considered for inclusion in the student film Heaven.


Kim Novak

I was feeling pretty down one day. I had crawled into bed in the middle of the afternoon with no plans to get up until the next day. Maybe. I pulled my headphones on and was listening to some music on my portable MP3 player, and it came to me... I needed to get my butt out of bed and write a song. A couple of hours later, Photograph was born. And I didn't feel like spending the rest of the weekend in bed anymore. I released it under the name "Mia, and it hit #1 Overall @

I Knew 

Kim Novak

I found the lyrics for the chorus to this song in my abandoned lyrics file. They made me think about that moment that you realize you're in love.

Do It For You 

Kim Novak

This song is about one of those relationships where you offer to help someone through something, but they are resisting. So you decide to stop pushing and just tell them... "I'll do it for you, but you gotta ask me to."

Brown Eyes 

Kim Novak

I wrote this song when I was in high school. It was "Beautiful Blue Eyes" back then, but I decided to change it to "Beautiful Brown Eyes" when I recorded it. Many think it's a song about unrequited love, but it's not. It's about a love that can't happen yet. But it will.

A Little Bit 

Kim Novak

This is not your typical love song. I wrote it from the perspective of someone who is talking herself into loving someone because she thinks she's getting too old and too tired to look anymore. One of the first songs I recorded.

A Place For Me 

Kim Novak and Milo Black

This is a writing collaboration between Jeremiah Gilbert and me. He sent me some lyrics, and I wrote the music to go with them. A story of unrequited love. Milo Black helped out by providing bass and lead guitar.