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Includes the Jon Solo/Kim Novak Collaboration "Beautiful Brown Eyes."

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Kim and Friends' Songs


Lily Come Follow Me Down 

Kim Novak

A song about memories of living on Courtney Street and embracing change, whether it be the seasons or life in general.

From Baltimore to Murfreesboro 

Kim Novak

A song I wrote in memory of Barney Barnhouser from stories written by Susan Adcock at Rest in Peace, Barney.

Boones Ferry Days 

Kim Novak

Inspired by visits to my Aunt Alice and Uncle Emery's house in Wilsonville, Oregon, south of Portland. Wilsonville used to hold an annual celebration called Boones Ferry Days in memory of the ferry that used to take people across the Willamette River. The ferry was run by Daniel Boone's grandson, Alfonso Boone. Uncle Emery's house was next to the south ferry landing.


Kim Novak

An homage to my college days centered around a pizza joint in San Marcos, TX. I wrote it after I visited for the first time in years and agitated many dormant memories.

Sugar and the Supersweet Trio (A folk opera in five acts) 

Kim Novak

This song was inspired by my former supervisor, Gary, who thought the emphasized syllable in aspartame was the second one. That made it sound like a superhero name instead of a sweet chemical. So I made four sweeteners into people and sang about them. I invite other songwriters to listen and finish the story. I lost steam at the end.


Kim Novak

This is a tribute to the movie Fandango that I wrote during National Solo Album Month.The song started as a guitar riff, and as I was listening to that and trying to find lyrical inspiration, the words "the look on his face" came to mind. That made me think of the look on Kevin Costner's face at the end of Fandango, and that's when I decided to do a tribute song. I actually ordered the DVD with overnight shipping so I could get the details right.

11:11 (Wishing on the Clock) 

Kim Novak

A song I wrote for a friend. When you see 11:11 on the clock, be sure to make a wish. It can't hurt.

The Housewife's Lament 

Kim Novak

We were allowed one cover song on our National Solo Album Month album. I found this one through Roger McGuinn's folk song blog. I had a whole lot of fun recording it.

Lunch With Brian 

Kim Novak

My friend Brian and I have had quite a few lunch adventures. These are only a few.

Sweet Betsy from Pike 

Rose and Blows

My friend Terry says this sounds like a drinkin' song. So get a beer (if you're so inclined) and sing along!

Wish For Tomorrow 

Kim Novak

The soon to be famous Jeremiah Gilbert co-wrote this song with me. He posted the lyrics on a bulletin board and asked for takers. I had some music that didn't have lyrics yet, and Jeremiah's fit perfectly.

Whatever You Want To Do 

Rose and Blows

This song used to receive a lot of airplay on Shaky Tee's "Divas and Dames" show at It's one of the early recordings from Rose and Blows. It's funny... it seems the earliest recordings are the fan favorites.

Nova Scotia Farewell 

jeez And Cheez And Kineez

Written just after the First World War, this is a song about being prepared to defend their fair country at whatever cost.

Janey's Story 

The Mountains of Madness

I call this one sci-fi folk music. It's part of a bigger story that only jeez can tell, and I hope one day he tells the whole story through music. My favorite line is "An alligator man got my man Sam, I got away now here I am."

Black is the Color 

Rose and Blows

Slow at the start and fast at the end. I love the mandolin in this one. It hit #1 World Traditional at 1Sound.