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FreeAudioPlayer Compilation Volume 1

Includes the Jon Solo/Kim Novak Collaboration "Beautiful Brown Eyes."

Every sale supports the National Childhood Cancer Foundation.

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Kim and Friends' Songs



Kim Novak

I asked friends to call my voicemail and speak some jargon from their work. Then I put it to music.

Bird of Sorrow 

CJ Wray

CJ Wray, from the U.K., creates lush symphonic electronica soundscapes in the vein of Jarre and Vangelis. "Bird of Sorrow" is a piece straight from CJ's dreams.

Brown Eyes (Jodiego) 


Jodiego, aka Dark Blue Man, did this soft dance version of Brown Eyes. This one makes me want to get up and dance around in circles with my eyes closed and a big smile on my face. Wanna join me?

That's It? 


Ed asked me to record two words for this song: "that's it." So I asked how he wanted them... Emphasis on the "that?" Emphasis on the "it?" Like a question or a statement? He said he couldn't explain it fully. All he could say was it should be the way that only a woman could do it. hah!

Our Love Don't Get It (Black Remix) 

Milo Black and Rose and Blows

Milo created this remix of Rose and Blows' song and made it into a trip hop beauty. Thanks to Milo for taking it to a new dimension.

Drowning (Aquamarine) 

Aquamarine and Raspberry Silk

When we released the Raspberry Silk version of "Drowning", a listener commented that he would love to hear a harder electronic version. Andrew volunteered to do a remix. What a cool track he did, too. Reminiscent of Stabbing Westward.