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FreeAudioPlayer Compilation Volume 1

Includes the Jon Solo/Kim Novak Collaboration "Beautiful Brown Eyes."

Every sale supports the National Childhood Cancer Foundation.

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Kim and Friends' Songs


Any Song Will Do 


Stevie Wood, the fella behind the Dog Dreams animal rescue CD, wrote this duet and asked me to sing the girl parts. It gives some insight into why some guys ever pick up a guitar in the first place. Fun!

In My Room 

Novak and Reeder

The first song Jim Reeder has ever recorded entirely with his dreamy falsetto voice. And he sings the heck outta those high notes. It's a fun cover of a Beach Boys song. Hear it at FreeAudioPlayer.

Red River Valley 

Novak and Reeder

Jim Reeder wanted to do a duet in the Patsy Cline/Jim Reeves style and asked me to sing with him. The slide guitar sounds are great in this one. Yay! I think my Daddy would love Red River Valley!

Sweet Betsy from Pike 

Rose and Blows

My friend Terry says this sounds like a drinkin' song. So get a beer (if you're so inclined) and sing along!

Brown Eyes (Business As Usual Remix) 

Business As Usual

Paul did two versions of Brown Eyes. For this one, he took my vocal and put some dance music all around it. Fun!

Peaceful Easy Feeling 

Rose and Blows

This is an acoustic cover of The Eagle's song. It was fun to let loose on those high harmonies!

Our Love Don't Get It 

Rose and Blows

This one is a favorite among Rose and Blows fans. This is the first duet we released publicly. It spent some time at #1 on the Folk Rock charts.

Dance The Night Away 

Rose and Blows

A song about love that didn't work. I like the line, "Maybe we'd have made it before, if we had danced a little more."

A Little Bit 2.0 

Rose and Blows

An acoustic duet remake of a song I wrote.