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FreeAudioPlayer Compilation Volume 1

Includes the Jon Solo/Kim Novak Collaboration "Beautiful Brown Eyes."

Every sale supports the National Childhood Cancer Foundation.

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Kim and Friends' Songs

Brown Eyes (Jodiego)

Jodiego, aka Dark Blue Man, did this soft dance version of Brown Eyes. This one makes me want to get up and dance around in circles with my eyes closed and a big smile on my face. Wanna join me?

Credits and Recognition

Performed by Jodiego
Written by Kim Novak
Jodiego - All instruments
Kim Novak - Vocal

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Lyrics for Brown Eyes (Jodiego) 

Beautiful brown eyes
Sing me a love song
And find me a place in your life

I don't know how to say what you really mean to me
And I don't know how to tell you how much I need your

Beautiful brown eyes
to sing me a love song
and find me a place in your life

They say that I'm a dreamer,
and I know it's probably true
'cos you know it seems my dreams are
the only place that I'm near you

But for the moment I must make it alone
until the day that you finally come home, to me.

Beautiful brown eyes
sing me a love song
and find me a place in your life

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