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Includes the Jon Solo/Kim Novak Collaboration "Beautiful Brown Eyes."

Every sale supports the National Childhood Cancer Foundation.

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Kim and Friends' Songs

Brown Eyes

I wrote this song when I was in high school. It was "Beautiful Blue Eyes" back then, but I decided to change it to "Beautiful Brown Eyes" when I recorded it. Many think it's a song about unrequited love, but it's not. It's about a love that can't happen yet. But it will.

Credits and Recognition

Kim Novak
Performed by Kim Novak
Written by Kim Novak
Kim Novak - guitar, bass and vocals

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Lyrics for Brown Eyes 

Beautiful brown eyes
Sing me a love song
And find me a place in your life

I don't know how to say what you really mean to me
And I don't know how to tell you how much I need your

Beautiful brown eyes
to sing me a love song
and find me a place in your life

They say that I'm a dreamer, and I know it's probably true
'cos you know it seems my dreams are the only place that I'm near you

But for the moment I must make it alone
until the day that you finally come home, to me.

Beautiful brown eyes
sing me a love song
and find me a place in your life

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