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Includes the Jon Solo/Kim Novak Collaboration "Beautiful Brown Eyes."

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Kim and Friends' Songs


Breathe is the first and only song that Milo and I truly wrote together. It's a sultry song that Milo says, "came out of the feeling of love occupying all five of the physical senses, and the feeling that, no matter how close you are to the one you love, it never feels close enough. If you've ever really been completely head-over-heels, you'll understand the feelings in this song. ...this is a very sexy song, in a "rustle of silk" kind of way."

Credits and Recognition

Raspberry Silk
Performed by Raspberry Silk
Written by Milo Black and Kim Novak
Milo Black - music and production
Kim Novak - vocals and acoustic guitar

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Lyrics for Breathe 

I dreamed of you last night
In colour, sound and scent
I gently touched your face
And breathed you in
And held you near my heart
I felt our souls embrace.

I woke to find you gone
The place beside me warm
My face pressed to the heat
I sensed your fading scent
I breathed you deep inside
And held you near my heart.

(You are an ocean. I am your river)
(I am a desert. You are my rain)

Your body close to me
Your eyes reflecting mine
Your arms enfolding me
There are no words
I'll breathe you deep inside
And hold you near my heart.

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