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Kim and Friends' Songs

11:11 (Wishing on the Clock)

A song I wrote for a friend. When you see 11:11 on the clock, be sure to make a wish. It can't hurt.

Credits and Recognition

Performed by
Music and lyrics written by Kim Novak. Performed by Kim Novak.

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Lyrics for 11:11 (Wishing on the Clock) 

Itís 11:11 and I should be sleeping, but Iím
wishing my dreams to come true.
The itch from a yearning thatís burning inside me, Iím
wishing that you feel it, too.

A self-proclaimed raggedy girl fills my mind
I wish for sweet kisses and fingers entwined
Sheís an angel in flannel with a heart melting smile
I wish for the time I can hold her a while Ö.


I lie in my bed Ö. I should be dreaming
But Iím wishing againÖ for just one last chance, Itís so
Hard to believe she could care about me
I put faith on the clock and the wishes it grants.

[instrumental break]


She sings about sugar, tv and the past
I wish her attention and interest will last
These clocks are for wishing and God is for prayer
So whoeverís listeningÖ please be aware that Iím
Closing my eyes and wishing tonight
That my prayers will be answered my prayers will be answered my prayers will be answered


Oh girl, do you feel it, too Ö

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