Raspberry Silk
"Raspberry Silk are not a band that is easily pigeonholed within today's musical environment - this is music that transports you to an entirely different dimension." ~~ Doug Cornell, Hitsession

Between November 2000 and July 2002, Milo Black and Kim Novak recorded beautifully evocative music exploring inner thoughts and feelings - the things left unsaid, the spaces between the words. Kim explored the versatility of her voice in a musical landscape sculpted by Milo from his arsenal of guitar and keyboard textures. The musical synergy between these two accomplished artists created a whole that is far greater than the sum of the parts.

Inner VoicesNow Available!
Inner Voices
- Raspberry Silk's first and final full-length CD which includes all but one song that we recorded as Raspberry Silk plus two bonus songs we recorded with Duane Tate as 6870 Miles. From the first song we ever recorded together--Kim's folk rock chick journey song, Space Needle 2.0--to the final track we recorded, Wish For Tomorrow, this is a must have CD for Raspberry Silk fans.
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Pro Critic Radio and 1Sound.com
Raspberry Silk's "Drowning" was featured on Pro Critic Radio, an MP3.com station run by that picky old goat and professional radio programming consultant, Chris K. 'Drowning,' 'Breathe' and 'Space Needle 2.0' also received '1' ratings at 1Sound.com. The '1' rating is the highest they give. Less than 10 percent of the tracks at 1Sound receive the honor. Soon you'll be able to hear these tracks on 1Sound radio.