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Includes the Jon Solo/Kim Novak Collaboration "Beautiful Brown Eyes."

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Kim and Friends' Songs


This is the second song Bob Savage and I did together based on a fantasy novel. I described the story of Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever to Bob, and he wrote an epic piece of music with that in mind. Then I added the lyrics based on the "Lord Foul's Bane," the first novel in Stephen R. Donaldson's Unbeliever series.

Credits and Recognition

Bob Savage and Kim Novak
Performed by Bob Savage and Kim Novak
Music by Bob Savage
Lyrics by Kim Novak
Bob Savage - music
Kim Novak - vocals

Interactive Stuff

Lyrics for Unbeliever 


Her voice could bring serenity
Her calming touch, desire
He found her pride could energize
Her eagerness, inspire

A wife, a son, and all the things
That make a man fulfilled
He felt he'd laugh a lifetime's worth of joy


Outcast... stay away
Unclean... beware of him
Gangrene... be afraid

Fingers... rot away
Twisted... arms and legs
Hideous... disease


Gone, gone
She took his son
He wonders if she cries
Or even cares that he's alone
Men whose hand he shook
Now hold their breath and walk on by
A solitary life
He wonders how he can survive


Fury deliver him
From this loneliness
Grip life with knotted fists
"Bitterness Survives"

Charity from dark intentions
Yields a threat that kindles rage
Twisted face, he will remember
"Bitterness Survives"

Clinging to the hilt of anger
Wrath revealed in every stride
A man defies his neighbors' wishes
"Bitterness Survives"


Four thousand feet above the rolling plains
where Kevin dared his enemy, a legend stands again

His life preserved by untamed magic, he listens to his foe
a doom-ladened message for the Lords at Revelstone


Power in the earth
this mud will make him whole
White Gold on his finger
referenced in the songs of old

He who bears the ring controls the hidden power
Covenant the Unbeliever


Wedding band; a talisman
A strange Land tempting him
A sick body healed again
Belief is suicide

Ravished girl; a sacrifice
She hides her shame to give him time
Moving forward 'til he wakes
Belief is suicide

The people's hope; a doubting man
A mother puts her trust in him
He holds the power to save them all
Belief is suicide

Copyright 2002 ASCAP

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