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Kim and Friends' Songs

The Housewife's Lament

We were allowed one cover song on our National Solo Album Month album. I found this one through Roger McGuinn's folk song blog. I had a whole lot of fun recording it.

Credits and Recognition

Kim Novak
Performed by Kim Novak
Traditional folk song
Kim Novak - Guitar, keyboard, bass and vocals

Interactive Stuff

Lyrics for The Housewife's Lament 

with guitar chords even!

[G] One day I was walking,
I heard [Am] a complaining,
I saw a [D] poor woman
The [C] picture of [G] gloom.
She gazed in the mud
On her [Am] doorstep (ítwas raining),
And [D] this was her song
As she [C] wielded her [G] broom:

[G] O life is a trial,
[D] And love is a trouble,
[G] Beauty will fade
[D] And riches will flee,
[G] Wages will dwindle
And [Am] taxes will double
And [D] nothing is as I
Would [C] wish it to [G] be.Ē

[G] In March it is mud,
Itís slush [Am] in December,
The [D] midsummer breezes
Are [C] loaded with [G] dust.
In fall the leaves litter,
In [Am] muddy November
The [D] wallpaper rots
And the [C] candlesticks [G] rust.


[G] Itís sweeping at six
And itís [Am] dusting at seven
Itís [D] victuals at eight
And itís [C] dishes at [G] nine.
Itís potting and panning
From [Am] ten to eleven.
We [D] scarce break our fast
Till we [C] plan how to [G] dine.


[G] Last night in my dreams
I was [Am] stationed forever,
On a [D] far distant rock
In the [C] midst of the [G] sea.
My one task of life
Was a [Am] ceaseless endeavor,
To [D] brush off the waves
As they [C] swept over [G] me.

Chorus X2

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