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Includes the Jon Solo/Kim Novak Collaboration "Beautiful Brown Eyes."

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Kim and Friends' Songs




Another duet with Stevie Wood of Dog Dreams under the name of Intrinsica.

Any Song Will Do 


Stevie Wood, the fella behind the Dog Dreams animal rescue CD, wrote this duet and asked me to sing the girl parts. It gives some insight into why some guys ever pick up a guitar in the first place. Fun!

Bird of Sorrow 

CJ Wray

CJ Wray, from the U.K., creates lush symphonic electronica soundscapes in the vein of Jarre and Vangelis. "Bird of Sorrow" is a piece straight from CJ's dreams.

The Most of Love 

Dennyvan and Kim Novak

Dennyvan wrote this sweet song about lookin' for love and how it takes a lot of courage. Don't I know it! Thanks to Denny for asking me to sing it!

Move Along (Vocal Mix) 

Robby James Rabuck, Jon Solo and Kim Novak

Robby played a version of this on his Ampcast radio show and said something about me singing it. I was all over it! The song has such feeling! Robby's guitar playing is super! Add in some Jon Solo magic, and this is quite a song!

Almost Right (AK Kinda Unplugged Mix) 

Boogaboo and Adam Kittle

The second version of "Almost Right" as produced by Adam Kittle in a sweet acoustic style. Thanks to Adam for working on this!! Yay!

Swiss Cheese and Chicken Patties 

Andy Van Duyne

Andy Van Duyne's my buddy from Box of Chocolates radio at the now defunct He needed some girl parts sung on this tale of a man who knows what he likes on the menu.

Almost Right (RJR Rock Mix) 

Boogaboo and Robby James Rabuck

I listened to Boogaboo's "Almost Right" and fell in love with the song. So I recorded rhythm guitar, a little plucky guitar, bass and vocal. Boogaboo recorded some more rhythm and lead guitars. Then Robby James Rabuck added some more guitars and mixed it all together. Yay!

Death of a Matador 

Bill Farrish

Bill Farrish is one of the smoothest jazz guitarists I've heard. He sent me a guitar sample of a melody line and a "beats per minute" specification, and I recorded some a capella "ah's". He took them and put them in this toe tappin' latin jazz song.

He Is Risen 

Louis Twinn

The Easter Story as told by Louis Twinn. As they went into the grave, they saw a young man, dressed in a white robe, sitting at the right. And they were amazed. "Don't be amazed," he told them. "You're looking for Jesus from Nazareth, who was crucified. He is risen. He is not here. (Mark 16: 5-6)

Dona Nobis Pacem 

Dawn Brockett and Friends

Dawn Brockett asked me to join Duane Tate, Vince Cain, John Fiore and Vanessa LaBuy in this prayer for peace. A beautiful rendition of Dona Nobis Pacem. May there be peace on earth.


Jimmy Stewart, Kim Novak and Remo

Frank and Kristen Cotolo wrote this song especially for Jimmy and me to perform. He thought it was cool to know a Jimmy Stewart and a Kim Novak and couldn't resist having us do a song together called "Vertigo." Remo helped out with the synth and bass programming. It's kind of a psychedelic carnie rock song.


Superluminal Pachyderm

When Xerx asked me to do a vocal for him, I knew it was probably going to be strange. He didn't let me down! Strange and fun! I did it Romeo Void style. I just love the bridge... "I'm wondering if I've lost my mind..."


Bob Savage and Kim Novak

This is the second song Bob Savage and I did together based on a fantasy novel. I described the story of Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever to Bob, and he wrote an epic piece of music with that in mind. Then I added the lyrics based on the "Lord Foul's Bane," the first novel in Stephen R. Donaldson's Unbeliever series.

Magic Musicbox 

Dawn Brockett

Tuck the baby in with a teddy bear and twist the crank on the musicbox. Dawn Brockett wrote this beautiful lullaby and asked me to sing and play bass guitar. I love the sweet music box sounds and strings.

Swing Low Sweet Chariot 

C.M. and Kim Novak

Don't let the introduction to this version of the popular folk song fool you... 22 seconds in and you're transported to a tropical island. So get your colorful fruity drink with an umbrella sticking out and let's have a party! Only available on C.M.'s Lucidity CD at the iTunes Music Store and CDBaby.

In The Bleak Midwinter 

Strange Sandwich Choir

The Strange Sandwich gang got together for this traditional winter hymn. Rob Blaikie arranged the music and put it all together. Happy Winter!

Where's Lumpy? 

Grumpy, Jumpy and Frumpy

You wanna know what you miss when you take off to the restroom? Spontaneous jams! This is the first song I recorded with my Dean Rhapsody fretless bass. Milo was playing with his brand new Gibson Les Paul, and jeez was playing with his new Pod amp modeller. Rock!

The Well 

Eric Steffensen (aka the tarotkid)

Eric "the tarotkid" Steffensen asked me to do the vocal on this darkish tale. "Deep and hollow is the well, where rumored are the gates of hell..."

That's It? 


Ed asked me to record two words for this song: "that's it." So I asked how he wanted them... Emphasis on the "that?" Emphasis on the "it?" Like a question or a statement? He said he couldn't explain it fully. All he could say was it should be the way that only a woman could do it. hah!

Take My Hand (Phil Traynor) 

Phil Traynor

After recording this song as a big charity collaboration with the Independent Artists Coalition, Phil Traynor wanted to do his own version. He asked me to provide the lead vocal.

Take My Hand (IAC) 

Independent Artists Coalition

This is possibly the largest internet collaboration ever recorded. A project lead by Master Zap and Nina, it was created by 22 artists in eight countries and recorded to support the Red Cross after the 9/11 terrorist attack on the U.S. I sing throughout, but you can hear me solo on the first line at the beginning and the first line after the bridge. This song was featured in Yahoo Internet Life Magazine in February 2002.


Bobby Bensley

Bobby asked me to do background vocals on this one. It's my favorite of all of Bobby's songs. We added it to the first Colorado Musician's Internet Collaborations (CoMIC) CD. Unfortunately, it's no longer available on the internet.

Nova Scotia Farewell 

jeez And Cheez And Kineez

Written just after the First World War, this is a song about being prepared to defend their fair country at whatever cost.


Grumpy and Lumpy

Here's another big collaboration with people from all different places. England, Maryland, Nova Scotia, Texas, and Alabama. I think this song started as "Fat Man Blues", but morphed into Katmandu. Of course, I could be completely wrong about that.

Janey's Story 

The Mountains of Madness

I call this one sci-fi folk music. It's part of a bigger story that only jeez can tell, and I hope one day he tells the whole story through music. My favorite line is "An alligator man got my man Sam, I got away now here I am."

Geraden's Champion 

Bob Savage and Kim Novak

Bob Savage sent me the music for this one, and I wrote the lyrics based on the first chapter of Stephen R. Donaldson's "Mirror of Her Dreams", the first book in Mordant's Need. It's the first real heavy song I recorded. It debuted at #1 on the Traditional Rock chart at 1Sound.

Don't Be Afraid of the Night 

Grumpy, Lumpy, Stumpy and Frumpy

A four-way internet collab from England to Texas to Maryland to California. It's a melding of eras and styles. Axemeister Bob Savage adds his heavy lead guitar to a Duane Tate composition and a Milo Black production. Oh yeah... and I sang.

Cleaning House in My Head 

Eric Steffensen (aka the tarotkid)

I love singing harmony with other people. I remember recording this one. It was New Year's Day, 2001. My favorite line in this song is, "Thoughts are scattered without a clue / Varied random pictures of time with you."