Yay! Pictures!

Rainbows [10/10/09]

[Weather, Sky, Sun, Moon]

Rainbow over the Phillips 66.
Rainbow over the Suzi's Chinese Kitchen.
Rainbow over Casa Garcias. I haven't been to the Phillips 66 or Suzi's Chinese Kitchen. I've been to Casa Garcias several times. The chips are good and the tortillas are made fresh.

Orion in the Peace Lily [08/09/09]

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Orion, my black cat, sitting in a potted plant up on a shelf.
Orion loves hiding in the peace lily.

Hang Me Elmo [01/02/09]


Elmo hanging from the trailer hitch on a truck
Who would hang Elmo from a trailer hitch?

Cowboy Hard Hats [12/18/08]


A table with regular hard hats and cowboy hat shaped hard hats
These are the coolest hard hats I've ever seen!

Bat Shadow [12/16/08]


My shadow with wings
I grew bat wings.

Pizza with an egg on it [10/30/08]


a pizza with an egg on it
I had a pizza with an egg on it. It had proscuitto, arugula and a truffled, sunny-side up egg. Brian had a steak sandwich with cole slaw on it. We shared some french fries served in a vase.

You know the financial crisis is bad ... [10/25/08]


Kentucky Fried Chicken sign that says a 7 piece meal is $999
You know the financial crisis is bad when KFC's drive thru special is just shy of $1,000.

Lunch with Brian