Strange Sandwich Music
Mmmmm... Sandwich!

Strange Sandwich Music is a group of friends who make music and mayhem. We have some free music and some music for sale.

Featured CD of the Minute
Flying High

Flying High
(James William Hobbs)
  • Three Little Words
  • I Will Love You
  • Back to the Start
  • Now and Then
  • He is the One
  • Dream On
  • Least of Them
  • You Told Me
  • His Name was Jesus Christ with Tammy Swindell
  • He is the One (Pop/Rock Mix)
  • Computricity Groove
  • I Will Love You (Anthem Mix) feat. Milo Black
  • Bonus Track
Latest Songs

Karmic Cow Karmic Cow
(Experimental, Progressive Rock, Superluminal Pachyderm)
Solitude Solitude
(Instrumental, Mood Music, Rob Blaikie)
A poignant guitar piece
Two Can Play That Game Two Can Play That Game
(James William Hobbs, Pop)
Demo remake of my 1999 song from the "From The Start" EP. The final version will hopefully be recorded sometime within the next few months.

Featured Artist of the Minute

Jeez And Cheez
Jeez And Cheez